My pregnancy journey with Sophia and the Peaceful Pregnancy Circle helped me to stop and take moments to ask questions within, and apply simple practices that allowed me to listen and connect; such as what is actually means to show loving kindness for yourself. The meditations were a way to ease my thoughts and look at labour and birth as something my I am designed to do and really cherish this miraculous life event. These practices definitely got me through to have the natural water birth that I had wanted. 
— Tammy | 2018
I am so grateful for not only the opportunity to reflect and find my centre through Sophias meditation circle, but also the support and group sistership I received during my pregnancy and postpartum. This is very much a shared journey and a beautiful way to connect with your little one during pregnancy. 
— Theresa | 2018
Sophia was friendly, open and informative. Approachable and helpful. I really enjoyed the classes and found I’ve learnt a lot about birthing and child care. I feel more comfortable about the process and what is to come.
— Sarah | March 2015
Awesome. Always felt comfortable asking questions. Helpful, honest and easygoing. Very knowledgeable, covered topics in detail. Overall, 10/10. Thank you so much. I have learnt so much. It’s so nice to come to class and feel welcome.
— Cherie | March 2015
In 2011 I attended an antenatal class with Sophia, this was with my second child. My first child was delivered by caesarean and I wanted to aim for a natural birth with my second (VBAC). Sophia made the classes comfortable and she was very approachable and respectful to everyone. I happily had Sophia as my doula for the birth of my son, I can happily say that was the best decision I ever made!! Sophia knew how to help me without me having to say anything. After a prolonged initial stage and 8 hours of established labour I delivered my 8pd 11oz baby boy naturally!! I felt extremely good after the birth, I could get up and move around, I could hold my baby without pain, this was huge! This meant so much to me and I believe Sophia’s guidance helped immensely! With my first baby I ended up with post natal depression, my milk took a long time to come in and I laboured with no support, but with a successful VBAC with my second son the support to birth naturally helped me focus on my parenting goals and I breastfed for over two years and no postnatal depression! I highly recommend Sophia’s classes and I am so grateful and thankful to have met Sophia! 
— Michelle | November 2015
Sophia is fantastic! She took our antenatal class this year. Very down to earth and easy to relate to. She is very supportive of choices and is great to have ‘in your corner’. Highly recommend ☆
— Stephanie | November 2015
Sophia is amazing!! She took our Antenatal class, a couple of years back, and she was the coolest ever! Sophia was approachable and respectful to all different backgrounds, ideas and individual wishes ... and she fully knew her stuff, with a relaxed and fun personality!! Would really recommend her classes.
— Neisha | October 2015